This property has not been updated in more than 50 years. It was good to bring it to life! 
Very pleased with the look if this living room. It is now bright, modern and inviting. 
New floors and white paint completely transformed this entrance hall! 
Kitchen units have been reused, we have changed the fronts and the worktops.  
Cosy sitting area. Looks much brighter! 
This good size single bedroom will be a nice place to live. 
A double bedroom with an en-suite. The shower was already in the property when we bough it.  
We claimed more space in this bedroom, by removing built in wardrobes. 
The bathroom has been completely redecorated and reconfigured. New units, new plumbing, new floors and walls.  
Toilet looks so much better with a bit of colour!  
Get in touch or drop us message. We’ll get back usually within 24 hours. 
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