Renting a property carries certain responsabilities that need to be fulfilled by the Landlords in the UK. Fire Safety is one of the most important aspects of property management. The amount of information available online can be, at times, chaotic and overwhelming. This article brings the essence of fire safety regulations in Houses in Multiple Occupation in Bristol. Just pick which HMO model is relevant to you and find the most useful information in a compact way. 
Before you head to the particular model of the property it is important to make a distinction between different types of HMO. They can be divided into 3 groups: shared houses, bed/living rooms & bedsits. 
Every licensble HMO, despite of the number of peope and storeys, needs to meet certain fire standards. Make sure your property is firesafe by adapting all the requirements listed below: 
For more detailed information based on the number of occupants and storeys please refer to the section below. Before doing any works it is essential you contact your city council, as every county may have slightly different requlations.  
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